Thursday, August 7, 2008

A day of biotech results

Three of my biotech companies reported results recently, they are Alnylam (9.5% of portfolio), Isis Pharmaceuticals (calls 3.6% of portfolio) and Vion Pharmaceuticals (0.9% of portfolio). I've listened to the conference calls for Alnylam and Isis, but have yet to listen to the Vion call. What I heard from the first two was impressive, as both companies continue to make progress with regard to research, patents, partnerships, and clinical trials. They also jointly own Regulus, which itself holds a lot of potential. In addition, cash burn is not a concern, as each now has over $500M cash on their books (although Isis has some offsetting debt as well). So they have plenty of cash (and therefore time) to fully develop their pipelines in coming years.